Refined Bee venom

Refined Bee venom

Properties :
Bee venom is secreted by the venom gland and the accessorius of worker bee. It is a kind of liquid with the aroma and is stockpiled in the poison sac. The liquid which we called bee venom is discharged by the needle of the worker bee when it stings. The bee venom will volatilize to be a kind of khaki solid quickly at the normal temperature. It is soluble in water and acid and is not soluble in alcohol. People remove the bee venom and made it into crystal powder we call it bee venom powder.
Appearance : opaque or grayish-white crystals.
Product Description :
The bee venom has multi-function including anti-inflammatory, radiation hardening antibacterial, anti-coagulation, anti-cancer, desensitization, lower blood pressure, immunosuppressive and so on.
It mainly used for the treatment in various inflammation, cardiovascular, nervous system diseases particularly for the rheumatoid arthritis.

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