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About Travoprost Eye Drops

  Increased pressure in your eye can cause damage to the optic nerve on the back of your eye. When this happens, it is called glaucoma. Glaucoma can cause vision loss if left untreated. If you have increased pressure in your eye, but without damaging the optic nerve, this is called ocular hypertension. People with high blood pressure have an increased risk of later developing glaucoma. Treatment with edema of Travoprost helps to reduce eye pressure in people with high blood pressure and to prevent other eye damage in people with open-angle glaucoma.

  The Travoprost eye drops work by increasing the drainage of fluid inside your eye. This helps to lower the pressure in your eye.

  Sometimes more than one type of eye gum is needed to reduce the pressure in the eyes. If this is the case for you, you may be asked to use two different eye drops, or you may receive drops that combine more than one type. Travoprost is available in combination with another drug that reduces eye pressure, called timolol.

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