Ursolic Acid

Ursolic Acid

[specification]               25%-98% Ursolic Acid
[Detection methods]     HPLC
[Botanical name]          Eriobotrya japonica (thunb. ) lindl., Fructus Ligustri lucidi    
[Molecular formula and molecular weight]       C30H48O3 : 456.68 
[About Ursolic Acid]
 Ursolic acid was considered to be pharmacologically inactive. Thus,Ursolic acid and its alkali salts (e.g. potassium or sodium Ursolates) were exclusively used as emulsifying agents in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food preparations.However, upon closer examination,Ursolic acid was found to be medicinally active both topically and internally1. Its anti-inflammatory, antitumor (skin cancer), and antimicrobial properties make it useful in cosmetic applications.Ursolic acid is a potent anti-inflammatory agent.Ursolic acid treatment improves the health of skin and hair.Ursolic acid and its derivatives form oil-resistant barriers on the skin and hair as they do in the waxy coating of fruits.

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