Estradiol cypionate

Estradiol cypionate

Molecular formula:C26H36O3
Molecular weight:396.56224
Estradiol is a naturally occurring steroidal estrogen. Estradiol cypionate is produced by esterifying estradiol with cyclopentanepropionic acid, and occurs as a white to practically white, crystalline powder. It is either odorless or may have a slight odor and has a melting range of 149-153°C. Less than 0.1 mg/ml is soluble in water and 25 mg/ml is soluble in alcohol. Estradiol cypionate is sparingly soluble in vegetable oils.Estrogens have effects on the skeletal system. They increase calcium deposition, accelerate epiphyseal closure and increase bone formation. Estrogens have a slight anabolic effect and can increase sodium and water retention. Estrogens affect the release of gonadotropins from the pituitary gland. Estradiol cypionate has also been used as an abortifacient agent (see warnings below) in cattle, cats and dogs.

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